R. Tyler Gross

Richard Tyler Gross is an avid adventure, sports, wildlife, landscape, commercial, and product photographer currently based out of Ojai, CA.  Graduating from the world-renowned Brooks Institute in 2010, with a Bachelor of Arts in Professional Photography, Tyler has an incredible foundation with knowledge in equipment, lighting, composition, design, and postproduction.  
Photography has allowed Tyler to express the harmonic moments that lie between man, spirit, and nature.  Every interaction in the outdoors; whether it be catching the perfect wave, completing a different rock climbing route, or trekking to the peaks of far off mountains, offers an opportunity to grow physically and mentally to better oneself and to also gain a fresh perspective on human kind and its relation to this earth and our existence. 

"I feel that the more I can connect with the natural world and its elements, the better I can express the undying beauty of this land and my vision.  My passion for photography and the outdoors is an ongoing quest to find the perfect balance within myself, nature, and the subject being photographed."
              -R. Tyler Gross

Stock photography is currently represented by Aurora Photos/Cavan Images.